Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 6 - Open Access Journals

I want to make sure all of the class is on the same page for week 6. For this week you will NOT use Leatherby Libraries instead you will choose one of these open Access databases listed here and find an article.

Since these databases are free for all their usability is somewhat lacking when compared with the EBSCO databases from Leatherby Libraries.

In Directory of Open Access Journals for example
It is sometimes hard to navigate through the wide range of full text scholarly journals from many different countries. Even with the language option chosen many different articles are from other countries and it is sometimes difficult to navigate the wide array of articles. 
Here is a listing of the top Open Access Journals that you can use for this week 6.

Important to note that some articles may be abstracts and not the full and complete text. A citation or article may lead outside the database to another source that requires purchase. Email me if you have problems navigating to find an article related to your topic.

Also you may have a broad range of articles at your disposal numbering in the thousands or very few that are not relevant to your topic. These databases are not as fluid as Leatherby Libraries and the databases like Academic Search Premier.

Make sure you choose a database closer to your topic. For week 6 both DOAJ -Directory of Open Access Journals & OAJSE - Open Access Search Engine, are your best bet to find articles across multiple subjects.


Open Access: This definition means researchers/students have means free, open, unrestricted access, to peer-reviewed and scholarly journals.

CORE (COnnecting REpositories) aims to facilitate free access to scholarly publications distributed across many systems. As of today, CORE gives you access to millions of scholarly articles aggregated from many Open Access repositories.

(DOAJ) - Directory of Open Access Journals 
Welcome to the Directory of Open Access Journals. This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.

Open access journal in biology and medicine.


Open Access Journals Search Engine.

PubMed is the publicly accessible version of MEDLINE developed by the National Library of Medicine. It contains citations from over 3,900 international biomedical journals. Journal coverage is provided from 1966 through the present. In most cases, an abstract is included with the citation.

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