Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 7 Annotated Bibliographies

To make sure this week’s assignment is in the correct formatting, review the APA Annotated Bibliography sample provided by OWL Purdue.

You should have a total of 6 total sources for your Annotated Bibliography, 3 of the 6 need to be journals. You can use up to 4 sources from previous assignments. 

Why only 4 previous assignments? With all that you have learned throughout this class you may have found new articles that better reflect your new research abilities or new materials that are more closely related to your topic. You should expand on your previous weeks and find two new articles or books more closely related with the research question. 

REMINDER: NO RESEARCH NOTES THIS WEEK! Your research notes should be written into the second half of your paragraph or break into a second paragraph. The start of each paragraph should be an overview of the document and why it was selected and the second paragraph your CRAAP research notes

Also in the week 7 for Blackboard I have posted the Powerpoint that the Hybrid class uses during lecture. Their may be some notes that are valuable to you for this week to help you better understand the assignment.

Mr. Mac

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