Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 4 and this blogs past, present, and future

For all LBSU 302 students,

I'm writing to address some of the frustration from the weekly searches starts with finding a maze of different pathways through the Leatherby Libraries page. Not all roads lead to relevant results. Please make sure you use the general databases link at the bottom of the page..

selecting general databases at the bottom screen of Leatherby libraries Week 2,3, 4, 5
Finding ebooks in week 3 through the ebooks databases

Week4: After selecting general databases at the bottom of the screen your best bet for finding relevant results for Week 4 is Academic Onefile or Academic Search Premier

I am sending this to email as well as posting on the blog http://libgentech.blogspot.com as some of you were stranded it seems last week with the ebooks lesson. The standard fail safe is Google Books or Google Scholar (Google Books is many previews and Google Scholar is Pay per View results :(  )  after having issue with Leatherby Libraries this is where a few of you turned. While Google Books is interesting it will more often than not give you preview books with many pages missing. Our Leatherby Library databases are free to use with full text full ebooks, Google Scholar results are more often the top search are pay per view. I realized this weeks search results came about because I had not given enough insight into how to obtain a ebook in full text through Leatherby Libraries. When following the correct procedures all ebooks are full text and unlike Google Books are not skipping pages or just showing previews and unlike Google Scholar will never make you pay to view.

On your week 4 searches make sure you include full text and scholarly peer reviewed boxes checked before searching
This week we are examining Peer Review Journals. Like week 3 I only need one source citation so make sure you click the box for peer reviewed article that aligns with your research.

Just a reminder not to include the EBSCO links in your citations.


Dont use these long citations or list in your citation available from....It messes up your paper and just uses valuable space. Instead click on the citation link on the side of your article when you find which article you want. This should help you to create and get used to writing and seeing APA citations if you have not done so already in other courses....

How to CITE in APA format

Copy and paste your citation directly from the citation tool.

Links from this blog for all weeks

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