Friday, November 7, 2014


Brandman's Librarian: Annie Knight is no longer the librarian for Brandman University, as of August 2014 our new librarian is Lugene Rosen. Some of the old assignment pdfs might still list Annie.
You can reach Lugene by phone (714-532-7736), email (,​

Comments: Although it lists differently in two places you will be responding to one of your classmates blogs, although I do encourage more comments for class discussion you will only be graded on one.

Your assignment topic: A question was asked about our topic for the assignments. Your topic that you will be working on throughout this semester is your career focus. This was chosen because it was believed that students would not mind working through their career choice and would rather find articles on this topic than something else they may not be interested in or have little to know interest. So for your assignments you will be examining your career or future career as your topic. What degree are you pursing? what field are you in now and what will the outcome be after your degree? These are not questions you have to answer for the assignment, rather they are things just to think about for the work ahead. Articles for anything relating to your career or have interest in is a suitable topic for your class assignments. 

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