Monday, February 1, 2016

Step by Step to locating Peer Reviewed Academic Journals

Your best choice for scholarly peer reviewed journals would be Academic OneFile or Academic Search Premier.
Click this link to go straight to the Leatherby Library Databases

You have your choice Academic Onefile or Academic Search Premier...

Academic OneFile
click on connect put in your password
Above the search bar on the top right is a magnifying glass that list advanced search click that 
-Below the section that has More options check the boxes for
Full text documents and Peer Reviewed Journals

Academic Search Premier
- C lick on connect put in your password- Check the boxes below the section bottom left to limit your results to:
- Full text
- Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journals

- I would Also change the publication date range based on your topic 2000-2016 should work but this can change depending on your topic, you may want a shorter time frame.
- Change the language to English (this cuts down on weeding through different languages later

without putting in a topic my search results for full text scholarly journals written in English between 2000-2016 starts at a little over 4.7 million. Narrowing it down to social work I now have about 20,000. 

I narrowed it down even farther by selecting the United States check box below the section for Geography. You dont have to, just recognize most other countries governmental laws might not apply to your article on for example social work...

Good luck, please email me if you have any further questions on scholarly peer reviewed journals and this weeks work..

Mr Mac

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