Tuesday, February 9, 2016

LBSU 302: Some more tools for your arsenal - Boolean Logic & Select all databases

Lets expand your search results...

Week 5 Empirical Research may be one of the harder weeks as it is trial and error sometimes to find a good article on your topic. As I mentioned before Empirical Research works as a keyword along with whatever you are searching at the time.
Other words to consider: Methodology and or Observation.
For this search I did family therapy AND Empirical Research
by linking these two words I am using Boolean logic pairing these items together
Boolean Logic http://www.lib.umd.edu/tl/guides/boolean-logic

So in a search for the paired words family therapy and Empirical Research using full text I found 44 results. Unhappy with my search results I am going to expand my search to other databases. Select the choose databases link where the arrow is pointing to in this screenshot.

44 results only - select all!

From here you will be able to select all of the other databases offered by the library or be selective and choose your databases..

select all

Choosing all of the databases my slow down your search a bit but the results should double what you had before while searching.....

so instead of 44 results our new search with all databases added garnered 181 results! 
I hope this helps your research :) good luck

Mr Mac

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