Thursday, March 26, 2015

LBSU 302 online: Posting a comment through blogspot/ Classmate blog post

I have had a lot of student comments about how to post replies to another classmate. First of all make sure you are signed into your blogspot account by first signing into google.

The easiest steps to signing in and posting to another classmate can be accomplished in this order:

Go to

At the top right of the screen will be the link to sign in. Sign into your google gmail account.

Once you are signed in scroll down to the class blog list. My hope is that you will select a class member who has not received a class reply rather than everyone responding to a single person. Spread the wealth and around! Hopefully this will also generate more class discussion…

Click on the button below their post and click "no comments" or "4 comments"

You will not see a reply button only a link to click that states no comments or will list how many comments. Make sure you are signed into your Google account or this link will not be visible.

Hope this helps! Good luck and email me if it does not work!

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