Monday, March 16, 2015

Blog posts

I am very pleased to see all the great class blogs, yet I am still missing about 12 students whom I have not received websites from.

As previously discussed in the last announcement our focus for writing will be through reflection in your blog and not on the discussion boards. You will still turn in written assignments, but your assignment reflection and what you have learned within the week will be written in a blog post. I will expect each of you to write in detail what you have found so I can give you a grade for your blog posts each week. I should also expect to see from each of you replies to two other students in your class. I would prefer that each week you respond to someone new each week instead of posting to just one individual. You will be graded on blog replies as well as your blog posts and written assignments.  


  1. Hi professor I emailed my blog URL to you on the 13th but I just noticed my name is one of the names that does not have a link attached to it. I emailed it again today but just incase I wanted to attach it here as well. My URL is Ok thank you.
    Alexandra Maddox

  2. Hello I am having allot of trouble. I did a blog and thought I sent it I still cant figure out what it is i need to do. i also cant figure out how to reply to other people on Their blogs it doesn't say reply on theirs? I think i might be in over my head with this class i am still barely learning computers and this is my first class ever at brandman. Can you email me?