Monday, January 25, 2016

Your weekly blog posts on blogger :0

I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page as to how to do your blog posts,

I have received many of the week 2 blog posts in blackboard as an assignment post rather than on your actual blog. This makes sense as it seems their might be a few duplications as to where to post.
As your instructor: Every week I will look to the class list to see who did their blog posts.
You have the option to post your blog URL link each week to me by email or blackboard but you do not have to! Just the actual assignment needs to be uploaded to blackboard.
Please make sure your actual blog reflection though is posted to you blog otherwise I will not be able to grade it and your classmates cannot see your work and reply on blackboard and therefore defeats the purpose. Also your blog should be a reflection of the work you did written after the work not the actual weekly assignment.
For those of you that have already posted your week 2 blog post to blackboard instead of your blog, please copy and paste your work back to your blog.

Creating a new blog post:
Make sure you are signed into the same gmail account that you used to create the blog (a little tricky if you have more than one gmail account ;| )
You should have the option when you sign into your gmail to create a new post at the top right of your blog when you view your page
Also you can create a new post using the compose button when you view your dashboard…

I hope this helps if there was some confusion before.

Thank you,

Mr Mac
John Macomber

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