Sunday, December 7, 2014

Please Reply…

I am sad to say I am seeing so few of you either keeping up with your blog posts or in some cases not replying at all to your peers. This makes it hard for me and also yourselves.  The reason being I am marking zeros when I see no work. There is no reason not to complete a weekly post to and an easy way to keep your grade. These are pass fail as I am not marking you down for how you choose to express yourself. I will give credit at a 10% reduction if you send me a new blog post late but realize it is not the same. These writings are supposed to be a written reflection of each week’s work.
Blogs are a great way to express yourself through your research journey with your findings, hang-ups or successes and I have seen some great blog writing in these last few weeks.  Just make sure you do each weeks work on time so others can comment on it. 


  1. Dear Mr. Mac, I sent you an email in regards to this issue. I have done all my blogs and post to my classmates, but I am missing a grade on one and got a zero on another that I had done. Please read the email and let me know whats up?
    Thank you. Your baby boy is adorable too. Saw his photo on your power point.
    Robin Manuszak Fox

  2. I had the flu last week and I am guilty of not submitting last weeks blog. Please let me know if I am missing any others.Thanks.